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task 1 pie chart

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    The given pie charts illustrate the proportion of the development in age
    group of the population in two countries (Yemen and Italy) in two period
    (2000 and 2050).

    Overall, the 15-59-year-old people was the most dramatic which has been
    about the half total population in countries and times. Besides, there has
    been a marginal change in the two period of each country in the other

    With regards to the elderly group, the percentage showed a sharp divergence
    that the figures of Yemen charts have always been under 6% while these in
    Italy have been by far higher than Yemen that comprised exactly 24.1% and
    doubled growing to 42,3% 50 years later.

    In terms of working age, there were the converses between two sides that
    Yemen’s in 2000 accounted for about 46% which has been the same level
    Italy’s in 2050 likewise the proportion in 2050 of Yemen and in 2000 of
    Italy also approximately have been equal (57.3% and 61.6% respectively).

    On the other hand, both figures of 0-14 years group in Italy and Yemen over
    the given period have had slight decreases of about a mere at 3% and 13%

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