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    The given table compares the proportions of pupils encounting seven various educational problems in the years 2005 and 2015 at two primary schools, namely school A and school B.
    Overall, it can be seen that while there were signigicant decreases in learning difficulties at school A, the data of school B experienced upward tendencies during the timescale shown. Furthermore, school A always had a higher rate than school B in each educational problem recorded over two separate years.
    In 2005, the most common area belonged to following instructions with 42% at school A, which was by higher than the highest rate of school B, 15% of concentration in lessons. However, in 2015, with an unchanged percentage, at 28%, handwriting replaced following instructions (24% decline) to become the main difficulty in school A. By contrast, at school B, concentration in lessons remained its biggest proportion, at 15% during two years, and this rate was also founded in verbal expression of ideas in 2015.
    At school A, reading bility was the only problem having a marginal rise of 1%, as opposed to downward trends in 5 out of 7 problem areas. Meanwhile, at school B, most data saw small increases, except for spelling and following instructions going up double from 5% and 6% to 10% and 12% respectively over the period.

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