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Task 1-Two Charts

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    The one-line graph shown illustrates a breakdown of data about the average monthly amount of British parents spending on their children’s sporting activities and the three-line chart compares the number of children participating in football, athletics and swimming from the year 2008 to 2014. Units are measured in pounds and millions.
    Overall, it is noticeable that the money spent by British households on children’s sports increased gradually each year over the 6-year period while a considerable majority of children in Britain chose football to practice during the timescale given.
    In 2008, the total cost of British young people’s sports was exactly 20 pounds per month, and over the following 6 years this figure went up to above 30 pounds per month, the significantly increasing level of 1.5 times.
    With regard to surveyed sports in Britain, football always remained the top position out of all three different sports, at about 8 millions children in 2008, compared to roughly 2.5 millions children of athletics and below 1 million children of swimming within the same time. However, at the end of the period, although football was still the most favourite sports by children when its data reached a peak of approximately 9 millions, althletics replaced swimming to become the second beloved sports in Britain, at almost 5 millions and 4 millions children respectively in 2014.

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