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    The graph and chart illustrate the data on the score of how much people love their lives and the percentage of what things make them happy across different age groups.
    Overall, perhaps because of the excessiveness of health or money, people tend to be happiest when they are young and at hoary age. By contrast, think-changing of the roles played by strength and wealth at middle-aged period makes both males and females feeling anixious.
    To begin with the graph, the trend in life satisfaction differs a little bit between men and women in teenage years. While boys score their plesance of lives at 5.5 score, girls score it 0.2 mark lower. Over this period, two lines tend to become one and decrease sharply to the bottom of the survey result at 5.0 mark, which happen when people aged from 41 to 50 before the line rises to 5.6 – the highest point at 61 to 70 age group.
    According the evaluation of different age periods. Thoug 5.5% teenagers say that money is the most important factor making their lives happy at first. Then the percentage decrease significantly to the nerthermost point at just nearly 10% when people are older. However in the opposite side, instead of the decline of the money line, the importance of health line rises progressively over period, which just starts off a small percentage ( around 10%). It goes up later to the top at over 40% when people are over age of 75.

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