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    The maps show two diffirence Tunels were constracted in history. Overall, The Mont-Blane Road Tunnel connected French and Italian, while The Seikan Railway Tunnel was located between two cities in Japan.( 30)On the one hand, the Road tunnel was situated underground, bottom a 3500 meters high mountain in particular. The road have a length of 11.600 meters and it was a straigth line that one way go to French whereas orther way go to Italian. This road was started in 1957 and finished in 1965. (74)On the other hand, under Tsugary Strait deep 240m, Japan’s goverment decided to erected a Railway tunnel called The Seikan, it was 53.850 meters long in which connected Hacodate city with Aomoni City, contructing in 42 years. Similarly, both the Tunnel were located underground and help decreased the distance, the Mont-Blane was use for vehical such as car, motoblie, unlike Railway was for train only.

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