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    The table illustrates data in six different cities in term of using underground railway systems.
    Overall, railway systems in London accounted for the longest in kilometres of route. Meanwhile, the number of passengers travelling by railway was highest in Tokyo.
    London was the city having longest route, at 394 kilometres, almost double the length of route in Paris, at 199 kilometres. The length figure for Tokyo was 155 kilometres, slightly higher than Washington DC’s underground railway systems by 19 kilometres on average. Only 28 kilometres of railway systems in Los Angeles was constructed, compared to 11 kilometres of that in Tokyo.
    On the other hand, railway systems in London was only the third in number of passengers, with 775 million people per year. By contrast, Tokyo saw the biggest number of people travelling by railway, received 1927 million people, while the figure for passengers in Paris was significantly lower, at 1191 million people. While Washington DC received 144 million people per year, the passenger figure for Kyoto and Los Angeles were only 45 millions and 50 millions, respectively.

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    Cho em xin thêm cấu trúc để diễn tả, so sánh số liệu khi không có sự thay đổi về thời gian với ạ.
    Điển hình với đề bài như trên. Em cảm ơn ạ.

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    [01:31:16, 10/8/2018] Cám ơn các bạn!

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