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Task 1_Table_Television viewer

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    The table shows data on the proportion of television viewers in terms of four different sports namely tennis, golf, motor racing and athletics in Australia, UK, USA and Canada.

    Overall, the number of television viewers interested in sport in USA is by far the highest than those in other countries. In addition, tennis is the most popular sport in all four nations.

    USA sees the highest figure for sport viewers at 25.2 millions while UK ranks second at 20.3 millions. On the other hand, only 14.5 million people attracted to sport in Canada, compared to 17.4 millions in Australia.

    There are 25.9 million viewers loving tennis, standing at the highest number compared to other sports, among which USA was the peak at 7 millions. However, golf was the sport that the American loves most with 11.2 millions although the total of viewers is just 21.9 millions. Athletics was the next with 16.9 million viewers compared to motor racing, the least, with 12.7 millions.

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    [4/17/2018, 2:42:48 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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