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    Many university students live with their families while others live away from home because their universities are in different places. What are the advantages and disadvantages both situations.

    A variety of students choose studying in universities located far from their houses, so they must live in other places with their families; however, others like to study universities in their hometown, and consequently, they can not move out their houses. Both have two sides. While living in their houses can help them save money, but they usually rely on their families, living away from home can make them become more self-sustaining, despite the increasing expenditure on their living cost.
    Regarding to living with families, this can bring some benefits besides drawbacks. Firstly, the fee for living in other area usually be higher than the cost for living in their hometown such as the expenditure on renting houses. Moreover, they must buy new furniture for their new accommodation, which they do not need to do when they live in their houses. However, because they living with their relationship, so they usually receive supporting from their families for their demands anytime when they need. As a result, they depend on their families much more and can confuse with their problems in the future when they start to go to work.
    As the same to living with their families, living away from home also have advantages and disadvantages. Even thought living in other areas can make students pay more money for their living cost like renting houses and shopping new things. However, they can become more self-sustaining for they don not have supporting from their families. From example, all household activities must be doing by themselves. Also, they can learn how to create new relationships such as new friends. These can give them more opportunities to practise their social skills before they go to work.
    In conclusion, living with families and living away from home both have two sides. While living in their houses can help them spend less money on their living cost than living in other areas, students can become more self- sustaining when they live far away their home.

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