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    The main reasons of university stuidents are studying, but beside the major study. They should join in extracurricular activities. As for me, I strongly agree with this idea for several following reasons.
    Firstly, other activities can make students develop themselves such as teamwork skill, professional experience. And all carrers in the future require the wealth of profitcient experience and knowledge which can be gained when students participate in communitive organisations or activities. As they have more opportunities to meet people of different cultures, abilities, background and age. They can learn alot from them such as the persionalities, the manner and the thier behavier when solve trouble all of these are soft skills and academic abilities can be cosidered an asset in their CV.
    Secondly, having chance to practise the philosophy theories at school in real life, which can make the in-depth of their knowledge. All of learning is taught at university are usually vague and abstract. Of course, students find it hard to remember. But the related part-time jobs can make it become easier. Since students can practise it time to time and daily. For instance, I study economic course at school so I apply to become a probation staff on economic room of a company. To be able to practise expert skill for my future trade.
    In conclusion, it is not wrong if students just concemtrate on studying. But beside studying, they should spend time on other activities equally to creat their skill for their future job.

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