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    Nowadays many people eat very badly in spite of the information which is available about ways to have a health, balanced diet.
    What could be the possible causes of this?
    Suggest some solutions which may improve the eating habits of the young
    In a busy society, human beings have low nutrition meals although they have enough information about ways to have a good physical condition and balanced diet. This can have many negative consequences on people’s health; therefore, governments should address this problem in order to improve human health.
    Having a bad eating habit can lead to many illnesses. Nowadays, because of busy works, many people do not have time to prepare meals for themselves, they tend to eat fast food. This is a very convenient way for people, especially while collar; however, it can cause obesity. In addition, this habit also leads to heart-related diseases as fast food contains a large amount of cholesterol, which is responsible for heart attack. Moreover, the young usually eat whatever and whenever they want, so it can affect adversely the immune system. When immune system is broken, viruses can easily attack bodies leading to minor illnesses at first, and then they will be more acute.
    ON the other hand, governments should utilize solutions to improve the eating habits of citizens. Firstly, governments should create new curriculum which involve in teaching students more about nutrition and how to divide meals reasonably. Thus, students can cook nutritional meals for themselves and can have suppers but not have a negative impact on their health. Secondly, schools should show the consequences of having bad eating habits to students. Finally, people should be more aware of their physical condition and spend more time learning about health when they are on the Internet instead of surfing facebook or twitter.
    In conclusion, eating badly can lead to many health-related problems; however, there are some approaches for people to implement on their eating habits

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    Trong ielts task 2 bạn không nên sử dụng idioms nhé, vì idioms khá informal, chỉ phù hợp cho speaking mà thôi.

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