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    Topic : Nowadays, many people have access to computers and a lot number of children play computer games too much. Discuss the causes, the nagative impacts and the solutions.

    Modern technology has helps people to develop a lot for their lives; however; it also has some demerits. Children addicted to playing computer games is the issue that lots of people are concerned about. This essay will discuss about the causes related effects and serveral possible solutions to this huge problem.
    There are some main causes of addicting playing computer games of children. Firstly, free time after school is the reason of this problem. Towards small amount of lessons at school, children have much time to play. Almost of them live with the modern technology so the minors often turn on the computers to find out some games to play. Day by day, it becomes the habit and those young people play computers in all their spare time. Another cause for this is lack of the care of their parents. Because the society in recent days is extremely enhanced that means people always busy, that is why they do not have much time to take care of their children. Because of that, children always feel bored and looking for the games on computers to get lose their problems. In addition, their very young age is also a cause of this. At first, both of parents and children just think that play computer games to relax in a moment; however, because their children are extremely young to decide how long is enough for playing so they get addicted to playing those games.
    Spending too much for playing computer games has taken lots of negative impacts. At first, numerous children have some serious deseases. Almost of them often do not went to talk and just think about the games. This also make their studies become really bad and effects to their futures. Second, because always sitting to play games and do not do exercise, almost of them get obesity and have very few friends. The last but not the least, do not have much time with family, some of them often do not share or talk with their parents so these families can not have much happiness.
    Besides, there are also have somw possible solutions for this problem. First, parents must spend more time for their children. They should make the relationship between they and their children to be better. Try to share or talk with them in spare time if they can. Let their child do more exercises or help them to get interested in doing sports. That means they can avoid obesity. Furthermore, the teachers at school and parents must educate them how to relax with computers without any affects to their study.
    Conclusion, because the technology has been much encroachment in our society so it makes the adalescents addicted to playing games on the computers as well as the ipads or phones. It makes lots of negative consequences to human, especially children. Therefore people must educate the youngsters how to use computers in a better way.

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