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    3.As traffic and accommodation problems are increasing in the large cities, the
    government encourages businesses move to the rural area. Do you think the
    advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
    In the development world, the problem about population, traffic and accommodation are rising in the big cities. While some individuals say that the government should not encourages businesses move to rural area, I would argue that this thing bring many benefit for all citizens.
    On the one hand, when businesses move to suburb area, it also makes many troubles. For example, the wide field will instead by company, tall building or skyscraper. Therefore, green color of fields and the fresh air on rural area will be disappeared. Famer loss work place, they must to become employee for industries, instead. This thing also leads to the number of rice significant decreased each year. The government must import rice from other countries with high price. Economic of country will be affected.
    On the other hand, it seem to me that businesses far away central of city bring a lot of benefit. To be sure that this thing is main factor to solve problem about traffic jam, space to live of citizen in big cities. When the number of tall building in city is decreased, it leads to the proportion of transportation and carbon dioxin emission is also dropped. People can live under fresh sky leads to the percentage of people who have disease related heart, lung, kidney was significant fell. The cities have space to extend more garden or park for citizens.
    In conclusion, it seems evident that government should consider businesses move to the rural area to make balance life between central of city and suburb area.

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