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    Undoubtable the fact that schools, colleges have proritized the distance learning rather tha original education. Instead of a little drawbacks, personally I believe that pros outweight the cons.
    To begin, taking a look at the downsides. Unitially, there are a number of things that distract learners from the concentration. Because it maybe more attractive than the oline courses. Moreover, if students do not have seft-control and resonable study-plan, they will have a lot of difficulties in this study-way. Next, lacking of face to face communities and instructions of mentors which causes the misunderstand. Lead to the unsufficient knowlegde.
    However, if we look at the positive side, the disadvantage is so negligible, I can strongly assert it for a several reasons. Firstly, it makes learners easy to arrange study-time. Because of being capable of studying anytime, anywhere that they want. Online education breaks all time and distance restriction. Secondly, distance education provides equal chances for all student due to sharing a greatest teaching resources around the world. Learners do not need to tralvel for a long distance to study. For instance, you are American but you can study Vietnemese from indigenous teacher by the internet. The thirst advantage is the financial thritiness. The online courses are always cheaper the traditional ones, despite the similar quality. Lastly, you can be active in studying which is the essential skill that you must have if you want to be successful and that skill will be gained in this study-way. For example, you want to study this course and you find it to learn initatively, it will make you active in studying and lifestyle in the furture.
    Inconclusion, it is not wrong if you study in traditional way. But I think it will be better, if you close your book, turn the computer on and study from this . it will give you more wider range of information than orginal way

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    please check it for me

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