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    1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports and participating in
    physical exercises.
    In recent years, with the improved awareness about health, many people are taking care of their health more carefully now than in the past. Several individuals believe that playing sport is good method to maintain better health, whereas others believe that being involved in sports leading to negative impacts on players.
    Firstly, regarding to positive side of playing sport, participating in sports and physical exercise allow people to maintain good health and talent exploration. Playing sports helps to reduce risks of diseases such as obesity, diabetes. For example, when people join kind of sport such as swimming, fitness, and aerobic, people will burn the amount of cholesterol, which is not necessary for health of people. Thanks to these categories of sports, player can gain fit body and even sexy body with the girl. The officer spends more time on sports as a tool helps to relieve stress after breaking working day. Moreover, throughout participating sports, many people was discovery their own hidden talents. For instance, almost famous soccer player was aware of their passion with the ball when they started playing football with children in village of classmate.
    On the other hand, there are several drawbacks of playing sport when player have not knowledge about safe rules in sports. In some situations, player can face to face with injuries such as tendon injuries, breaking ligament and head injury caused strong activities in sport such as hiking, tennis and football. Especially, in case of people with heart-related diseases will not encourage participating dangerous sports, which might leads to death of participants. In addition, if people do not set up their time for playing sports, they will consume more energy leading to exhausted and decreased working effects in the next day.
    In conclusion, it seems evident that playing sports has their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Player should consider which kind of sports better for their health status.

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