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    Over the last centuries, reading, writing and maths are the three recognized traditional subjects. Nowadays, as computer becomes more important, some people believe that every child should be taught computer skills as the fourth subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree
    Technology plays an essential part in our lives today and in the future it will even be more important. So besides conventional subjects like reading, writing and maths, computer skill should be considered equally crucial. I believe these four subjects will ensure children better education.
    Despite the development of technology, literacy and numeracy are irreplaceable. The ability to read and write allows humans to acquire knowledge and access information through written sources. In addition, reading and writing will broaden your vocabularies, as a result, you can communicate with others more fluently and confidently. In terms of numeracy, it appears in every aspect of our life, measuring time, money, buying necessary materials, cooking. That is why we need Maths to be able to calculate simple transactions. Moreover, Maths also helps us think more logically, and keep you agile enough to adapt the advancements in technology.
    However, in the current digitalized world, computer skills cannot be lowly regarded. Firstly, the source of information on the Internet are huge so that being able to access to the Internet, children will broaden their knowledge and experience things beyond where they live. Secondly, most tasks nowadays are done by using the computers. Therefore, not knowing how to use the computers will be a considerable disadvantage for children’s future careers, they will lose their chances to those who are equipped with basic computer skills.
    In conclusion, we have to grow with the development of the world, since just fundamental skills are not enough, we must learn the fourth important subject, computer skills. I believe this new subject will benefit children a lot in the world that technology is transforming our lives tremendously.

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