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    The older generations tend to have very traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave. However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?
    The older generations always give some advice about a life very traditional thinking, but younger generations think it is not appropriate for modern life. I partly agree with this, but some of old ideas is still helpful.
    The older generations have some ideas not helpful for today. Firstly, in relationship, they think should find a man or a women fix with their family such as wealthy, career, education…In some religious, they look for the best date to marriage, they choose a man or woman base on the date they were born. Secondly, roles of men and women have changed, wives should stay at home, take care of children, should not follow careers. Men are always bread winner in family. Thirdly, having a career for life is no longer normal, people should spend their time for their family and their children.
    By contracts, some of traditional ideas is still helpful forever. People have to work hardyou’re your best, take pride in your work. Whatever we do, we have to put our passion in it. In behavior, older generations believe that should treat others politeness, good manners and respect for them and I pretty sure that those characteristics is very helpful for their career. In community, we should help people whenever they have a problem, become a good neighbor because we don’t know when something bad will happen and we can’t handle it alone.
    In conclusion, although some of older advice is not helpful for modern life, but some advice still usefull forever and it help people live a happy life. So we should not dismiss all of those advice.

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    please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot :)

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