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    The animal species are becoming extinct due to human activities on land and in sea. What are the reasons and solutions?

    Many species of animals are on the verge of extinction due to the interference by humans on wildlife. There are number of reasons behind this problem and several solutions should be proposed to change these oppositional attitudes.
    There are two primary reasons why human activities are considered as the main threat to the future of many species. Firstly, numerous forests around the world have been cut down to make way for farmland. The rapid increase in population means farmers need to produce more food to satisfy consumer’s demand. Therefore, a lot of trees are burnt to provide farmers with land to grow crops. That is why many species no longer have places to live. Secondly, humans are sacrificing environment for economic profits. Many sea creatures are over caught, which will reduce biodiversity and cause the mass extinction of many rare species.
    However, measures should be taken by governments and international organizations to save the animal. Firstly, local governments should impose strict policies on fishing and farming. They must control the amount of fish caught and ban the act of cutting trees for farmlands. At the same time, local authorities need to raise awareness of how important the environments and animals are and why we should protect them for farmers and fishermen. Secondly, international organizations like UNEP should ensure that each country is doing a good job in protecting the wildlife habitats. If needed, they must use the pressure from other countries to force local operators to take action and not to affect the world’s environment.
    In conclusion, human activities have caused a lot of damage to animals. However, as long as we can aware of our mistakes and join hands to combat, the issue can still be solved.

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