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    Topic: Small businesses are disappearing and being replaced by large multinational companies. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
    It is true that the numbers of large companies have increased in the past few years, many people believe that they are replacing the small companies. However, taking over small groups have many advantages and disadvantages as well. This essay is going to explain both positive and negative impacts of it.
    When looking at the advantages of multinational companies in the growing countries, the first thing is their chances of approaching customers on a global. Large groups establish many offices in other countries so they can access to the needs of potential customers. Besides, they have more opportunities to develop their products and services. This is a benefit which small groups can not create more brands in several countries. The second is bringing advanced technology to poorer countries so standard of living is improved.
    The main disadvantage of replacing small groups by big groups is that companies were facing bankruptcy. A large number of workers lose their job, therefore unemployment raises increased. Moreover, the government has to take responsibly for this problem. As a result, large multinational companies want to take over small companies, they should consider about finding new job for the workers.
    In conclusion, I think multinational companies bring a lot of benefits and they also can cause of many problems in the economy.

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