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    Fossil fuel is the main source of energy. In some countries, the use of alternative sources of energy is encouraged. To what extent do you think it is a positive or negative development?
    It is disputable that fossil fuel plays an essential role in total sources of daily activities and in industrial manufacture as a whole. However, there are some countries encourage to use replacement sources. I completely agree with this statement because of some main reasons below.
    On the one hand, fossil fuel is known as an unrenewable source so that it has divergent influences to our environment. It means that most companies, factories or even traffic contingents discharge pollutants into the environment such as smoke, garbage, to name just a few. As the result, our fragile planet is deteriorated because the carbon dioxide grows up which could trigger to climate changes, global warming, leave a carbon footprint and probably some serious diseases such as throat cancer, lung.
    On the flip side, several developed countries currently promote to the use of eco-friendly substitution such as mind, hydro and solar power. These sources support to environmental protection and ecosystem. Firstly, these energy sources allow people to produce electricity without any damages to the environment. Secondly, renewable energies are infinite while fossil fuels could be scared if the consumption of energies continues to go up. Finally, it is much more economical to generate green energy from renewable resources which could help to improve the economy as a whole.
    In conclusion, while fossil fuels could be a primary supply of creating energy, many countries have encouraged a greater number of people to use alternative resources. I believe this development would definitely have positive outcomes.

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