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    Traffic and housing problems could be solved by moving large companies, factories and their employees to the contryside. Do you agree or disagree?
    Some people argue that relocating industrial zones, large firms and their workers from urban areas to rural areas can be considered as a measure against several issues occurred in overpopulated cities such as traffic congestion and a housing shortage. Personally, I totally agree with this viewpoint for some reasons.
    To begin with, the relocation reduces a number of urban residents and slow the urbanization process. If governments provide financial aids and policies to encourage companies to establish their factories or offices at non-urban areas, more jobs will be available here. As a result, rural job-seekers will not need to move to metropolitan areas, which will reduce pressures on road system as well as accommodation. In addition, when economies in the countryside are stimulated to develop, living standards will increase. Therefore, inhabitants will not need to migrate into big cities with a hope of having a better life.
    Secondly, other solutions seem to either have few effects on the ongoing problems or bring other detrimental impacts. Other proposals have been taken into account such as imposing high taxes on vehicles or high toll charges. However, the figure for motorbikes and cars seem not to fall in recent years, which makes traffic status remain bad. Furthermore, to cope with a housing shortage, more natural and public areas turn into resident places, which makes cities more polluted due to intense construction. Moreover, real estate prices will head up if there is a high demand in houses, then apartments are becoming unaffordable for both locals and immigrants.
    In conclusion, I strongly believe that reallocating businesses to the countryside can be an effective solution to tackle transport and accommodation problems.

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    Well done! Keep up the good work!

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