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    Some people think that social skills are as important as academic qualifications. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Traditionally, academic qualifications are considered as an important factor for people to succeed in future careers. Nowadays, some people claim that social skills are equally important as academic qualifications. Personally, I agree with this viewpoint to some extent.
    Academic qualifications cannot be obtained without many years of dilifent study or continuous practice, so they reflect a person’s academic background and professional experience. Many companies require job-hunting candidates to possess a certain level of qualification, which is for the evaluation of their knowledge and skills. Some people may argue that a qualification is not the only criteria and in some cases, it may lead to prejudice and wrong judgment. But the qualification is still and important Standard when other information is Iiot available.
    Apart from qualifications, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of social skills. A person with sophisticated social skills will find it efficient and comfortable to work with others and cooperation is the key to success in many complicated tasks. Also, sound relationship with colleagues enhances the efficiency in workplaces, giving people more sense of satisfaction out of their jobs. By contrast, if people do not know how to get along with their workmates, they would suffer from extra stress in their work. Moreover, social skills help people to enlarge the circle of friends and enrich their lives. With a positive attitude towards other people, one would be able to deal with all kinds of challenges in his life or work.
    To summarize, in a world when people are becoming more and more interdependent, one cannot succeed only with his qualification. To communicate and cooperate with other people has become an essential part of our lives and necessary social skills should not be ignored.

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