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Task 2 _ Neighbours

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    These days, people in many cities know little about their neighbors and do
    not have a sense of community. What are the causes and what solutions can
    you suggest?

    It is popular status that inhabitants in numerous urban places are not
    familiar with others in their living place and this lead to the fact that
    they are not interested in public operations. There are a great number of
    reasons behind this problem and several measures can be proposed to settle
    this detrimental tendency.

    On the one hand, primary causes resulting in unacquaintance of many people
    in cities can be seen. Firstly, citizens are too busy with their work or
    study and do not have adequate time to communicate with next-door persons.
    They have to leave their home early in the morning and go back late at
    night. Therefore, they cannot spend much time on taking part in collective
    activities hold in the neighborhood. Secondly, people seem to be keen on
    talking to their friends or colleagues rather than neighbors as they feel
    it is easier for them to share all things.

    However, some solutions can be taken to tackle this issue. Firstly, it is
    essential to enhance more attractive events to extend the relationship
    between individuals living together in one area. Meetings should be
    organized to disseminate the situation in the neighborhood for residents’
    information as well as create more chance for them to meet each other.
    Secondly, the head of quarter should make the list of people in that place
    and provide it to residents to use in advance, especially in emergency
    cases. This may be the effective way to connect the relation in same zone.

    In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons for the trend of
    not excitingly contacting with other neighbors as well as social
    characteristic and remarkable number steps can be suggested to deal with
    such matter.

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