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Task 2 – Career choice of boys and girls

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    Essay topics: In school and universities, girls tend to choose art while boys like science. What are the reasons for this trend and do you think this tendency should be changed?
    In this age and day, girls are increasingly likely to study art while science seems to be many boys’ choice of profession. This could be explained by several reason and I believe that this tendency should be called for a reconsideration.
    There are various factors that influence career choices of students. Firstly, students tend to choose their major based on their in born talents. For example, girls who naturally love beautiful and romantic things would consider art subjects as preferences. Another factor is that students, especially in Asian families, are significantly influenced by their parents. And people in the older generation typically believe that science may provide boys with better employment opportunities which are critical for their breadwinning roles in their own families in the future.
    Personally, I am with those who believe that youngsters should freely decide their future jobs. One reason is that people are highly motivated to work in the field that they are interested in. By studying such fields, they are willing to invest time and effort to reach the highest achievements. If students are forced to take subjects which are out of their interest, they may lose all motives and consequently fall behind their study. And this may in turn lead to a waste of talent. Having said that, I am convinced that students should be left to make their own decisions about which majors they want to study.
    In conclusion, although the differing job preferences between boys and girls can be explained by some personal and social reasons, in my view, this trend should be replaced. Students should be given freedom to decide their careers so that they can unlock their full potential to benefit themselves and society as a whole.

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