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Task 2 – Children

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    Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life.
    What are the reasons? Do advantages of this outweigh disadvantages?

    In recent decades, having children later in life has become a growing trend
    for many reasons. Although the trend is not without disadvantages, the
    upsides can justify these.
    There are a number of reasons leading to that trend. First, in order to
    compete in the job market, many couples choose to focus time, effort and
    money on their careers. It is clear that delaying parenthood enables
    couples to work longer hours and with higher commitment, which results in
    better salary and wages. Second, many young people nowadays understand the
    magnitude of child rearing responsibility. For example, feeding babies and
    teaching them require a great deal of patience and hard work, which
    discourages many would-be parents.
    There are also advantages and disadvantages of that trend. As for the
    upside, those who delay a family can have time to get more done, either at
    work or in life, making them happier overall. In fact, studies have shown
    that people who have the time to do and travel more when they are young
    have a higher level of happiness than those who do not. Nevertheless,
    giving birth later in life does pose certain risks that might affect a
    woman’s health as well as her baby’s health. That said, although older
    woman have an increased risk of having a child with birth defect, the
    probability is still slim.
    In conclusion, the sacrifices of starting a family at young age are too
    overwhelming compared to they are otherwise. Young couples should also
    consider their own situation to make the best decision.

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