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Task 2 – Discussion essay – Enjoyable job vs high salary

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    Some people think that it is more important to have an enjoyable job than earn a lot of money. Others disagree and think that a good salary leads to a better life.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


    Some say that getting a preferable career is more essential than having a high salary, while others would argue that earning a lot of money helps to improve the standard of living. This essay will argue that although a good salary gives people more financial benefits, a fulfilment job is more vital because it can be considered as a motivation that helps people move faster in their career paths.
    On the one hand, it is undeniable that a good salary can provide people with a better quality of life. In fact, money is one of the major concerns in human’s lives and is also a reason people go to work. With a high range of salary, people not only can buy anything they wish to make their lives much more comfortable and easier. For instance, blue-collar workers who have low wages are likely to just be satisfied with their basic needs, whereas white-collar professionals with high salaries can afford houses, cars and other lucrative amenities that could allow them to have better lives. However, I disagree with the importance of a high salary because it is more likely to lead to work pressure and clinical depression.
    On the other hand, it is thought that job satisfaction should be at the top priority. Specifically, an enjoyable job could motivate people to strengthen their skills and as a result, their performance at work would be improved significantly. To illustrate, in spite of a low salary as a fresher, if a web developer enjoy their assignments, they will spend all of their working time and efforts to enhance their scripts, and this will probably contribute to the success of their projects. I believe this would be more beneficial as an improvement in performance may lead to a promotion to a higher position and then salaries will increase as well.
    In conclusion, despite a good life a good salary brings to people, employees should concern about whether they love their jobs or not as the passions they have in their professions play important roles in enabling them to climb their career ladders faster.

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