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Task 2 – Discussion – Financial aid vs practical aid

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    Question: Many developing countries require to receive financial aid from international organisations to continue their development. Some people argue that practical aid or advice are more useful. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Some say that financial support from global organisations play an extremely crucial role in bringing the gap between developed and developing nations, while others think that practical support would be more preferable. This essay believes that although poor nations need financial aid to overcome poverty, practical aid and advice also can contribute to a substantial development of these countries.
    On the one hand, underdeveloped countries are always in dire need of financial support due to chronic shortage of funds. In fact, with direct donation and investment, third world countries can alleviate economic problems. To illustrate, the Official Development Aid from Japan was a principal contribution to the development in Vietnam, which helped to feed poor population in the 1990s and to construct infrastructure like roads and sea ports. Thanks to this, the living standard of millions of Vietnamese has been gradually raised. However, I would argue that money is just a short-term support to lift impoverished people out of hunger.
    On the other hand, practical support and advice would produce long-term solutions to the problems of less developed nations since it is likely that they do not have enough experience and expertise in technology fields. To tackle this issue, directions, consultancy as well as experts in science and medicine from experienced organisations should be required to encourage the improvement in these fields. In other words, local workers should be trained and introduced advanced technology. In this way, a productive independent workforce will appear and have a long-lasting favourable impact on the economy. Therefore, I believe that professional education and training programs would be more practical and suitable in the context of developing countries.
    In conclusion, practical aid would be better than monetary support because poor nations not only need money but also need to have a professional workforce.

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    [5/7/2018, 10:16:06 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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