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Task 2 – Discussion – Internet

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    Linh Vuu

    It is generally believed that the internet is an excellent source of knowledge but some people
    suggest that it may not be the best place to find information.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Some say that the internet can provide people with a great source of information, while other would argue that it is not the most appropriate place to absorb knowledge. I believe that although people can find almost everything they need online, most of information on the internet is not reliable.
    On the one hand, people find the internet an useful information source because they can get access to it instantly and directly as long as they have wireless or wired connection. Specifically, online source can store a huge amount of information which is larger than any physical libraries. This allows researchers to get the information they need without having to travel to local libraries. Furthermore, students can search for information on websites whenever they want, while traditional libraries can only be visited at a certain time of a day. As a result, it would be better for those who are busy can utilize online information sources.
    On the other hand, it is thought that the internet is not the most suitable place to look for information since information there is not likely to be credible. Because there are no barriers to publishing on the internet, people can share their knowledge online even if it is not their area of expertise. For instance, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia where anyone can write or update articles without having to prove that their input is worth mentioning. As a result, incorrect information can lead to confusion or even can harm other people lives if it is related to health and medicine.
    In conclusion, despite the convenience of the internet, it should not be considered as a top priority approach to do research because of its’ unverified information.

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    [5/7/2018, 9:47:13 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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