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Task 2 – Fast food

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    Even though doctors all over the world agree that fast food is bad for people’s health, more and more people are eating it.
    Why are more people eating fast food?
    What can be done about this problem?
    It is true that there is an increasing number of modern people facing the dilemma of junk food consumption regardless of health concerns from experts. This phenomenon could be explained by many causes, and proper measures should be taken in the sake of a healthy society.
    The popularity of fast food can be the result of two major reasons. Firstly, people in contemporary world, especially in cosmopolitan area, tend to choose fast food as the fastest way to recharge their energy and save time for other busy works. Moreover, when people come home exhausted after a long day, they would prefer to spend time for themselves or talk with their family instead of preparing a home-cook dinner, which may take them two hours more. Secondly, many large fast food chains have been expanding quickly. As a result, they offer an ever-convenient food choice, provided that they locate in almost all busy traffic streets so that people can find a nearby store at no time.
    Such behavior of food consumption is undeniably harmful, raising an alert to the public to find appropriate solutions. One suggestion is that government or public media should run campaigns to increase awareness of the need of a healthy nutrition regime. Indeed, it is vital for people who frequently use junk food to understand that their bodies require a balance diet, high in fiber, low in fat. Another solution is that we should promote physical exercises by organizing more sport activities and encouraging people walk more. Failing that, a combination of sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition would damage people eventually.
    In conclusion, the tendency of unhealthy food choice is the consequence of many factors in modern life, so solutions should be executed to address people’s attention on the necessity of a balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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