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Task 2 : Festival

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    Most people have forgotten the meaning behind traditional or religious festivals; during festival periods, people nowadays only want to enjoy themselves.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

    It’s is said that in the modern world, while having a good time in traditional or religious festivals, people are ignoring the genuine purposes of these events. In my opinion, people should know about the origin of festivals but it’s more important for them to enjoy themselves in festival.
    One the one hand, people should be encouraged to find out more about the origin of festivals. Once people gained more knowledge, they will not only see the festival in a more meaningful way but also feel excited about celebrating it. In addition, when people learn about the beginning of a traditional event, they may come up with some creative ideas for the celebration of that event. These changes in organising tradional events can help renewing old, tiresome events by drawing more attentions to them.
    On the other hand, it is unnecessary for people to remember the meaning of all traditional festivals. Firstly, the one and only meaning of all festival should be the relaxed time for people. Almost important festivals take place in the end of the year, so they should be the time for people to enjoy themselves after a hard-working year instead of learning about the original purpose of events. Secondly, sometimes, the old meaning of the festival is no longer suitable for these days so people give it another meaning. For example, in many countries they had a harvest festival in the past in which people celebrate after the harvest season but now the harvest season is not so common so people turn it into several diffirent occasions.
    In conclusion, finding out more about the meaning of traditional or religious festivals should be encouraged but it is more important for people to enjoy themselves in festival

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