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Task 2 – GT – Hobby Technology

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    Essay topics: Some people prefer hobbies that require technology, while some people hobbies do not require technology.
    Discuss the both views and give your opinion.

    People have different preferences about their leisure pursuits. While some people enjoy activities that relate to technology, I prefer spending relaxing time without the presence of technology in any form.
    There are many reasons why some individuals would love to employ technology to past time. The key rationale is that since digital devices such as smart phones and televisions consist full of exciting contents, people often turn to these electronics for entertainment. To illustrate, many youngsters enjoy watching hilarious movies with their phones when they have free time. In the recent years, people are obsessed with connected devices because they are accessible and inexpensive to maintain. With a budget phone, one could entertain with various activities such as playing game, watching movies or surfing the internet. Meanwhile, it is worth to mention that the obsession with technology may introduce adverse ramifications in the long-term.
    Therefore, I believe that it is better to spend time in the nature or with people to recover or relax. This is because as an extrovert, I recharge myself when I interact with human. Networking is my favorite hobby during my spare time. Not only does social interactions make me fell connected, but it also enhances my soft-skills. Moreover, by spending time in the nature and away from technology, it would help people to rejuvenate after long hours at work. Personally, if I am free in the weekend, I would run in a local park to revitalize myself.
    In conclusion, while many people prefer hobbies that involve technology, I would argue that a person should spend time with people or nature as leisure pursuits.

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