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task 2: large city problems

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    Topic: people living in large cities today face many problems in their
    everyday life. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people
    to move to smaller regional towns?

    Nowadays, living in the big cities is a currently lifestyle of many people.
    However, they are facing some huge challenges which are concerned by
    governments. Whether encouraging the citizens to move to regional towns is
    a good measure which is discussed in this essay.

    The problems associated with living in huge cities are increasingly
    impacting on people’s daily life. The first thing I would mention is that
    the growth of population in the city would explode several matters familiar
    with environment. Specificially, air and noise are seriously polluted due
    to widespread use of vehicle of which exhaust is one of the main harmful
    factors. Furthermore, migration to the big cities make job market more
    competitive. This could easily lead to unemployment that causes some
    society evils, for instance, robbing and murdering _ worrying problems in
    many countries.

    Various measure are taken to cope with these matters in which encouraging
    people to migrate to smaller town was considered. In some ways, this is an
    effective solution to decrease population in the big cities which can solve
    problem related to environment and job quantity. However, it is not the
    best way for most people who wish to live in a prosperous city that
    hopefully provides them sufficient lives. Therefore, in the further future,
    concentrating on developing economy in suburbs as well as small city is the
    top priority. When people find this place good enough for their promotion
    prospect, especially, affordable lives, they would proactively move to
    developed city which they are satisfied with.

    In conclusion, challenging in solving the problems related to large cities
    is government’s concern. Nevertheless, encouraging the people to live in a
    small towns is most unlikely to be a permanent cure.

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