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Task 2-opinion-young people

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    Nowadays many young people spend their free time in shopping centers. This has a negative effect on the youths and the society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and relevant examples.
    The youth of today spend their spare time at the mall. I completely agree that this affects negatively on the youths and the society.
    On the one hand, shopping is an activity which makes the young waste of money. The young generations follow the latest trends and buy unnecessary things such as luxury items. For example, girls constantly buy designer handbags that they already have had so much at home still with the tags on. Sometimes they lack of self-control and buy more than they have with a credit card with the result that they take out a loan to go shopping. In addition, young people spend all day just to wander around the shopping mall without buying anything, which are waste of their time.
    On the other hand, this makes a negative impact on the society because the more time they squander on shopping, the less time they have to study and participate voluntary works. Instead of gathering with friends to go shopping, young people can take part in community service; otherwise society loses valuable contribution. Many young people spend hours shopping at least 2 hours or spend all day if they are shopaholics, which can take their precious time for studying. Gradually, they don’t have enough knowledge to do a job well and economy has a bad effect because of not having a quality workforce.
    In conclusion, I would agree that there are bad consequences both the young and the society when the youths spend leisure time in shopping centers.

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