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Task 2 – overspend time on television

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    Nowadays people spend a large amount of time watching television. This is a total waste of
    people’s time, they should involve themselves in more active pursuits in their free-time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    It is true that people tend to put significant time into television in modern life. Many individuals believe that time should be allocated to other outdoor activities rather than spending wastefully in front of TV screens. I personally agree with this view, though I acknowledge some benefits of television.
    On the one hand, there are several TV programs which exert positive impacts on viewers. Firstly, each program has its own benefit by either keeping people up to date via daily breaking news, or providing entertaining channel for people to relax after a day long with huge pressure at work or study. Secondly, in addition to entertainment, numerous educational programs are designed to widespread knowledge from basic life skills to intensive in-depth subjects such as biology, psychology or advanced information technology development, which are mostly delivered under format of documentary films or science discoveries shows. Consequently, television has been paving the way for self-study and knowledge popularization.
    On the other hand, it seems to me that drawbacks of over-watching TV programs should not be dismissed. One reason is that sedentary lifestyle has caused serious health problems in contemporary society. For example, a potato couch who is obviously lack of physical exercise most likely bears remarkable risk facing obesity, high cholesterol level in blood and increasingly possibility of stroke. Another reason is that spending majority time on television also means less time for real interactive activities with people who are really matter to their career or personal life. Indeed, instead of meaningless amount of time devoted to television, people can actively participate in social activities that expand their circle of friends so that they can escape from social isolation. Travelling to new places and joining charitable activities, for instance, are the most popular active pursuits that people are encouraged to schedule their free-time.
    In conclusion, although some certain benefits of television programs are undeniable, I strongly believe that overspending time in front of TV screens is not a wise choice and modern people should involve themselves in more valuable outdoor activities for their own sake.

    Thank you very much for your time on my essays

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