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Task 2 – Problem & Solution

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    7. Some people say that there is a need to recycle the items that we throw away every day, what are the reasons and what individuals can do?
    There is a growing trend that stuffs at disposal are recycled to make a new thing. In this essay, I will provide a couple of reason possibly accounted for the trend and suggest some actions individuals should follow to get involved in recycling process.
    There are some reasons for the popularity of recycling. Firstly, it reduces the amount of money spent on handling with trash. It is remarkable that people dump huge amount of domestic waste every day. As a result, processing the collosal amount of domestic waste requires the authority a large sum including the transportation of trash, the handling process of smell. Futhermore, it provides immense source of materials which is available for production, which in turn brings about financial benefits to businesses and promotes sustainable development. As far as manufacturing is concerned in developed countries, businesses move their manufacturing base to developing countries as well as knock down thousands trees to make a way for factories. The trend is severely criticized due to it’s colossal costs and the negative impacts on the environment. Fortunately, recycling will give a halt to the trend to a great extent.
    A dozen of actions should be taken by households in order to put recycling into pratice. Most importantly, domestic waste should be separated into distinctive categories on the basis of purpose of use, size, materials. For example, rubbish could be categorized as solid, liquid or hazardous ones. In addition, it is necessary that some charities or organizations need encourage people collect non-used items. Old clothes, old books could be very useful to recycling.
    To conlude, recycling is more and more widespread in the world. Recycling is not costly and unrealistic, but it requires the call of actions of all people to be effective.

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