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Task 2 – Saving money or Investment

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    Saving money or investing: Which is more important? Use specific details and examples to explain your opinion. (no more than 300 words).
    There are a lot of ideas about whether saving money is the best choice for their life or investing. While I accept that saving money may suit many people to consume more in the future, I would argue that investing can create property and make people wealthier.
    On the one hand, there are a variety of reasons why people should save their money. Firstly, it is good for retirement or when losing the job. People can’t live without money when they get older and cannot earn money. At that time, it is very useful to take care of themselves with the saving money. Secondly, when people need to purchase something that is emergent or for example, prepare for annual family vacation, they can withdraw immediately from their account to spend on their purpose.
    On the other hand, investing money also has some other benefits. One reason is that when investing, people might have a regular income by putting their money in the bank to get a fixed interest every month. Many investments, such as those made in dividend stocks, can provide an income stream throughout the life of the investment.Furthermore, people can invest money by setting up their own company and gain a lot of profits.
    In conclusion, while saving money does have some benefits, it seems to me that the advantages of investing can be opportunities to increase future wages.

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