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Task 2 – Saving money

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    Some people prefer to save money. Others prefer to use money on things they will enjoy. Discuss both view and give opinion.

    In the booming of consumerism, there are a growing number of people spending a rich variety of money on things, attracting them. The question of whether save money is vital in our society has sparked in controversy. This essay will discuss about this issue.
    On the one hand, using money without control will contain some demerits in long term. The primary drawback is that when individuals buy luxury things or small things without necessity, they waste large money, which hardly they are earned, on useless things and they may not have enough money to use in the more essential problems. Furthermore, in the advance of marketing, products and services are designed more attractively for improving the sales of each brand name, so should customers are not careful before making a buying decision, they will lose money on the producers’ pocket without receiving a worthy value. Also, they are likely to create the economical burden for their family.
    On the other hand, saving money brings a number of benefits for individuals in the future. Firstly, collecting small parts, people will have a large amount of money for using in accidental problems such as illness or accidents. In daily life, the risks and unlucky problems usually happen at the time we do not expect, so a saving is a preparation for helping us overcome these moments. Secondly, a careful harness will support us a capital being useful in the future. With this amount of money, we can buy a house or run our own business without helping from external impacts. Besides, the cost of owner capital is always the cheapest, compared with others.
    In conclusion, the pros of saving money is overshadowed the utilization money without control. Hence, before making buying decision, people must be taken into account carefully.

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