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Task 2. School selection

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    Some people feel that boarding schools (where students or pupils live at the school during the term) are an excellent option for children, while other people disagree for a number of reasons.
    Consider both sides of this debate and reach a conclusion.
    Many parents believe that sending children to a boarding school is the best way to support their all-round development. However, the issue is not entirely straightforward, and arguments can also be made against the idea. This essay will discuss the debate, and give a concluding view.
    On the one hand, families who choose a boarding school feel that living on the school premises can bring the various benefits to their children. Firstly, boarding school students would have to learn how to manage their time, money, and resources, such as performing many domestic chores and completing school assignments by themselves. Therefore, these youngsters would become more independent and self-reliant, and that is an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life. Secondly, children who live on the school premises are often restricted using television, playing video games and other distractors, thus they can focus better on their studies. Finally, the residential campus environment, where students with diverse characters live, study, and grow together, would help them to have a good sense of community and a moral advantage.
    On the other hand, some parents believe that boarding schools are not excellent option for all children, because these schools have also some drawbacks. The first one is that the costs are prohibitive and continuously rising, thus boarding schools are often beyond the reach of most families. In addition, when living on the school premises, some students would miss out on home life and can become homesick. Although most boarding students sustain great relationships with their families, homesickness can easily lead to youngsters becoming frustrated and socially isolated. Finally, it must be said that not all young people are actually suitable to learn in a boarding school, especially if they are introverted and do not want to lack freedom.
    Overall, it is logical to conclude that living at a boarding school could assist young people to have a perfect preparation for their future as long as the decision of sending the child to a boarding school has been made based on a child’s character and family finance.

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