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    Some countries achieves international sports by building specialized facilities to train top athletes, instead of providing sports facilities that everyone can use. Do you think this is positive or negative development?
    In recent years , international sport competitions are considered playgrounds where national sports showcase their best talents to bring home honor and admiration. Thus government provides specialized gears to train top athletes, instead of furnishing public sport facilities . While I personally think this is a positive development, it also has some drawbacks.
    On the one hand , there are manifold reasons why the government pumps the huge amount of money into a select and upgrade specialized sport gears to serve for training professional skills. Firstly, international sport teams play a pivotal role in the image of each nation . Hence , the more medals athletes achieve , the more fame this country earn. Secondly, the expenditure expenditure on training athletes team for abroad coaching could be reduced significantly, thanks to the budget of the nation. For example, Japan has long been known for its gold medal football team in Olympic due to their appropriate method of training and tremendous investment in infrastructures.
    On the other hand, extremely focusing on investing the quality of sports equipment has a negative influence on social problems. Firstly, training sectors accounted for the large space of society as well as wasting the enormous cost of capital. Consequently, people will have fewer places to go for exercises and play their favorite sports such as swimming or badminton and make national economic to be fall. Secondly, the lack of public sports facilities may unfortunately increase chances of people leading a sedentary lifestyle which is a major factor in health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. For instance, because young people have to use few and old public facilities that it could not cater for their demand so they tend to spend time playing games or chatting with other people. As a result, they have to suffer from eyes and the risk of mental disorder.
    In conclusion, although the building of specialized training centers for top athletes brings some benefit for sport national industry in some ways, it seems to me it has disadvantages problems for society. It is suggested that a balancing act is required from the authorities to minimize the potential drawbacks of the issue.

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