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Task 2 – Talent

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    There are two generally different types of a genuis: an in-born talented person and the one who are well-educated to become. While I agree that leading in some careers prerequisites in-born talents, teaching plays an indispensable role in the creation of a brilliant person.
    First of all, it cannot be denied that a person cannot achieve glorious triumphs without being edowed with instinctive skills and creativity in some specific fields such as science, sports and music. It is revealed that eminent scientists like Albert Ensteain or Thomas Edison was characterized with curiosity, alertness and excellent critical thinking in their childhood. Those skills and traits might be impossible to install into their mind without the support of their instinctive desires to absorb. Another well-illustrated example is music. Millions of singers are recorded to take part into music competitions such as American Idol and The Voice every year; however, the champion only calls out the name of those possessing extraordinary voice.
    While regarding in-born talents as a constutive factor of a genuis, I agree that being a talent is completely accompanied with great education. It is true because a great man seems hard to achieve extraordinary successes without persistance and determination that he can perceive through teaching. Futhermore, education will upbring the talented’s moral spirit that plays a ground of a notabe man. It is proved that a lot of people owning exeptional intelligence ruin their career themselves due to improper education of ethics.
    In conclusion, I believe that the envionment is much more necessary than in-born intelligence in the forming of a talented person.

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