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Task 2 the same language in the future.

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    “Scientists predict that humans will speak the same language in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?”

    There are thousands of languages being spoken all over the world. Every country has its own language with many local languages which are belonged to several nations. If humans speak the same language in reality, in my opinion, this trend will become a disadvantage for the diversity of culture and national patriotism.
    Speaking the same language will be the bridge to understanding between different countries and eliminate language barriers. However, language is an aspect of culture, each language has its own beauty and pride of every nation. For example, everyone thinks of France as a land of romance because French is a language of love and hieroglyphs have been the symbol of Chinese and Japanese culture. Moreover, language not only is a means of communication, but also a symbol of people’s religions, beliefs and lifestyles. If we all speak the same language, origin and defining character of each nation will be difficult to recognized.
    It is worth to keep and develop each individual language and accept the diversity of the language. I really feel wonderful when I hear the famous song “Let it go” in Frozen movies in many different languages, and with each version, I can feel the special magnificence of sound. Imagine if one loses their own languages, poems and melodies of anthems will be boring. Therefore, using same language might make those valuable aspects of life disappear and contribute to make humans become homogenous.
    All in all, I strongly believe that global linguistic change will be harmful for development of human for cultural diversity and historical values.

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