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Task 2. Traditional music and International music

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    It is true that a multitue of musical styles are listened around the world . Music plays an important role in cultures through our lives for a mixed variety of reasons, and I believe that traditional music is more essential than contemporary music.
    To begin with, music is a good source of motivation and inspiration for us today. Firstly, it is benificial for reducing enormous stresses after a long day activity, to name a few dealines or analysing materials. Secondly, music could help us to be more energetic when we listen, therefore, usually do the work performance increase in a company. For example, rock musics bring to us a roller coaster of emotions, and it give us an innovation in a working environment. Finally, if we listen to english songs from day to day, we have capability of improving a foreign language that helps us in a daily life.
    In my opinion, traditional music is more prominent, and should be encouraged to listen more than other modern musics. While traditional music might help us to understand more historical event or explore the destiantion in our countries, the modern is often fun and entertaining . In addition, some contemporary musics do not educate well because there are some unsuitable information and violent in its lyric. As a consequence, it affects on teenagers who have been in the process of cognitive development. Traditional music, by contrast, is examined carefully by authorities before appearing in public.
    In conclusion, Music is necessary as an aspect of human life, and we should pay more attention to traditional music than international music.

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