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    Nowadays, people research that image study is the better way for kids to gain their knowledge than the traditional one. Therefore, instead of forcing learners to hear too much from teachers, some schools are letting students study by watching TV or educating videoes for better result. Leading some people think that adults should encourage children to watch TV more to learn as much as possible, which has not only benefits but a bunch of drawbacks,too. Personally, I agree partly with this tendency.
    To begin with the upsides. Firstly, the undouted fact is new style of education making kids more interested in studying. Because almost every kids are so dynamic, it is such impossible thing to keep them quiet and sit around hour to hour to hear teachers teaching boringly. Secondly, instead of just hearing someone talking and cannot figuring out, watching a video is easier way to imagine and understand. Moreover, kids can totally remember the lessons for a long time, which makes this kind of study is more efficient than the older.
    However, there are two sides to any stories. Though lots of pros are brought by this trend, it also has some cons which can harm children directly. Intially, if parents allow their kids watching too much, it will form some bad habits and make their personalities worse such as wasting much time on useless things, becoming lazy and having feelings of feriority. Next, donot stop at causing negative impacts of psychology, it can affect kids’ health seriously. If children just watch TV all day and do little exercise, they will be both obese and short-sighted.
    In conclusion, that kind of education is appreciated, but government must consider more, if wanting to carry out, and parents have to balance time spent on watching and doing outdoor actities reasonably.
    Some questions
    Is it ok if i use if+ving(but government must consider more, if wanting to carry out)?
    Is this begining right(However, there are two sides to any stories)?

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    [5/12/2018, 8:59:28 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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