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    Topic : Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat meat to have a healthy diet. Do agree or disagree?
    Some people think that in this day and age, everybody should be a vegan because they can choose a healthy diet which is possible with eating meat. I completely agree with this idea because it is unnecessary to kill animals for food.
    There are a number of benefits to eat vegetarian food. On the one hand, vegetarians do not eat foods that are produced by killing animals. In fact, animals significantly have a role to balance to biodiversity and ecosystem. Therefore, vegetarians made a considerable contribution to protect environment resources.
    On the other hand, another role is also important that a vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of disease like cancer. This is because eating too much meat and unhealthy food from meat which have exotic ingredients are the main reason cause cancer or other serious sick. Beside, eating vegetarian food make the science of diet which consider a best remedy to fatal disease by eating nutritious food like vegetable, mushroom and the types of beans.
    Foe the above reason, I believe that eating vegan food dramaticiy affect to health of people by the way without meat.

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