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Task 2 – young people are moving to cities

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    Young people are leaving their homes from rural areas to study or work in the cities
    What are the reasons?
    Do advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?
    Thanks for spending time on my essay. I aim for band 7-7.5 writing, please suggest ways to upgrade my essay. Thank you.
    There is a fact that young generations tend to migrate to urban areas. This essay will discuss various reasons of this phenomenon, and in my opinion, its corresponding drawbacks outweigh the benefits.
    To begin with, advanced infrastructure and abundant of development opportunities in cities can be considered as main reasons that attract the youth. Firstly, big institutions with top-notch facilities and elite professors in developed cities can provide ideal conditions for those who aim for higher education. For example, students who major in medical, polytechnic or software engineering can acquire practical and up to date knowledge in advanced laboratories which are only available in big cities. Secondly, such cities also offer a wide range of employment opportunities. As a result, young people may easily seek for a position which fits with his or her ability and personal expectations.
    Having said that, even though I acknowledge the positive side of this trend, I personally think that the disadvantages have caused severe problems for the community as a whole. It is fair to say that young people who are moving to cities would fulfill the labor demand and help cities to reach higher economic achievements. However, they also put pressure on accommodations, transportation, healthcare system and other social welfare programs. At the same time, there would be lack of human resources in rural areas which may result in problems in agriculture and aquaculture industry, and in turn wider problems in the country. For example, stagnant production can potentially frighten food supply security of a nation.
    In conclusion, it is true that many young people choose cities as destinations to follow their dreams and achieve their career ambitions, but it seems to me that such an extreme migration may cause several harmfully economic and social problems for the whole nation.

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