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Task 2_ Education

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    Some people believe that children should not be given homework every day, while others believe that they must get homework every day in other to be successful at school.
    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    There are different views about whether teachers should give homework for pupils every day or not. While not having exercises would have some benefits, I do believe that practicing regularly is much more important.
    On the one hand, relaxing at home helps students have more fun and experiences. They can use their free time to engage in outdoor activities or studying new aspects such as art, co-operation and vital personal skills. Therefore, they will have various strengths than others who must do a bunch of homework at home. Moreover, getting a few assignments probably makes students be not under pressure and the pupils will find knowledge interesting to be instructed. This also gives pupils a chance to study alone, which makes the pupils not only have more valuable time to look for information, but also understand themselves better.
    On the other hand, it is even more essential to encourage students to do homework every day. If teachers do not give pupils exercises, young children will not usually attempt to study hard. Interacting a lot of exercises is a great way for students to remember knowledge that they are studied since they must carefully look again the lessons many times when they have difficult homework. As a result, they will have good marks in the examination and a beautiful CV to seek jobs. Students given homework every day are always in the face of challenges and pressure. However, this will be one kind of good preparation for future careers.
    In conclusion, I can understand why people want students to have fewer homework, but it seems to me that practicing various homework brings more and more advantages for children’s success.

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