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Task 2_City-Problems & Solutions

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    Topic 3: More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult. Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. How can governments make urban life better for everyone?

    People nowadays have a tendency in relocating to urban areas with looking for brighter life; however, living in the city is obviously not easy like they expect. This essay will discuss about certain difficulties in city life and the feasible measure government can take to improve urban life for all citizens.
    To begin with, living in a city has never been easy for several factors. Urbanites daily face with traffic congestion due to high dense population in city, followed by insufficient expansion spaces for green trees, housing and recreational activities. Furthermore, with hundred tons of wastes discharged from factories, households and offices, a huge amount of fume is released from vehicles lead to water and air pollution. Such action causes many health problems namely food poisoning, respiratory infections and lung cancer. In addition, high living cost put an enormous pressure on city inhabitants because of mainly the scarcity of houses. Moreover, crime rates rise dramatically due to the increase in population, which definitely makes urban people scary and worry about their securities every day.
    Therefore, it is necessary for government to take actions on enhance residents’ life in city. First, local authorities could innovate public transport such as bus and underground services for the sake of curbing a number of vehicles flowing on the street day by day. This contributes to reducing traffic jams along with air pollution. Secondly, it is essential to construct certain waste water treatment and drainage systems to ensure better sanitation for city dwellers as well as improve the environment of surrounding areas. The third option should be to dislocate grant industrial plants, offices with their employees to the outskirts of city accompanied with build more apartments or dormitories for them. This measure may significantly attribute to not only the decrease in population in city but also create more spaces for public utilities such as schools, hospitals or parks.
    In conclusion, migration to cities today is increasing sharply. If feasible steps are planned and implemented well, government will create a worthy-living city for their inhabitants.
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