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Task 2_City-Problems & Solutions

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    Topic 2: Living in big cities is bad for people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    It is argued that city life has various considerable impacts on inhabitants’ health. While I agree that living in the city may cause many bad influences, I believe that city has numerous positive effects on protect people’s health.
    On the one hand, urbanites are being affected by a variety of factors which causes harmful to their health. Together with hundred tons of wastes discharged from factories, households and offices, a huge amount of fume is released from combustion engine vehicles day by day, leading to water and air pollution. Such action contributes to health problems namely sickness, cough or even cancer to city inhabitants. In addition, low-income communities living in the slum areas beside city centre daily struggle with poor sanitation and insufficient clean water supply, which is obviously attributed to asthma, allergies, infertility or food poisoning.
    On the other hand, residents living in the urban zones have a great deal of benefits for ensuring their better life. Firstly, city has plenty of healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics associated with high quality doctors and nurses as well as modern equipment; therefore, it is feasible for citizens to access to the up-to-date and effective treatment. Secondly, with the development of technology and science, well-known research institutions at international level concentrated on metropolitan area contributes more and more achievement in medical field, which definitely improve the city dwellers’ health.
    In conclusion, beside negative sides related to health in city, I believe that city brings more remarkable advantages to urban society than being expected.
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