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Task1 – Buildings

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    1. What types of buildings are there in your country?
    In Vietnam, most high-rise buildings are mixed-building and concentrate in the downtown of the big cities. Commonly, the mixed-building includes the basement for parking area, the podium for retail and the tower for residential. Besides, the old-buildings are maintained and mixed fittingly between the modern buildings.

    2. Do you prefer old or new buildings?
    Although each type of building has its own beauty, but I would like to say that I prefer the new one. Because of growing economic, high-rise buildings will be built as essential replacement. Additionally, the mixed-buildings adapts the demands of large numbers of people rating every year.

    3. Are historical buildings important?
    In my opinion, historical buildings not only have an important role in attracting tourists but also are the feature of city architecture. Tourist or younger generation could study more about the local history when visit old architecture destinations.

    4. Would you like to live in an old building?
    To be honest, I would like to say that living in an old building makes me worry about many things. Firstly, the fire protect system does not enough safety as well as structural system which also have many itself problems because of long time using. Secondly, it always has serious risk that it could crack and collapse suddenly.

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