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Task1 – Restaurants

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    1. How often do you eat out in restaurants?
    To be my honest, I really enjoy the meals served at the restaurants where always have many delicious of foods and drinks. But actually, the cuisine is so expensive there. That’s the reason why I only go to restaurants two or three times a month.

    2. What types of restaurant do you like best?
    Well, I would like to say that I prefer to stay at beer clubs where sever many kinds of beer. It’s not only provide the lip smacking good of beers but also has an interesting atmosphere with strong music and many pretty girls.

    3. What types of restaurant are common in your city?
    This city has a variety of restaurants with different styles as the result of the interfering between different cultures. Chinese restaurants concentrate in District 5 while European / Japanese / Korea or Indian restaurants appear on the streets of the downtown. Besides, Vietnamese traditional restaurants could be founded everywhere in this city.

    4. What are advantages of eating out in restaurants?
    For many situations, eating out in the restaurants gives many great benefits at all. For instance, delicious cuisine with premium wine in a luxury restaurant always bring warm relationship between the couples. Indeed, the same way to the special situations could bring more effective than the original value it paid.

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    Hi ban,

    I remember I advise you to do with basic concepts like sound and pronunciation first. But it seems to me you do not improve much in this performance because many pronunciation errors can be detected.

    You should work on this sector seriously before trying to cram many less common into your answers.

    Good luck,

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