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    Task 1

    The line graph illustrates the emissions of acid rain in UK from 1990 to 2007 by million tones.
    Overall, emission’ causes felt into four classes: transport and communication, supply of electricity, gas and water, domestic and the other industries. Unlike a downward trend from the three others, transport and community raise during 17 years.
    According to the graph, the upper limit belonged to the energy’s supply which was approximately 3.3 million of tons. However, this sector plummeted yearly and declined to half of million in 2007. The quantity because of domestic was inferior nearly four times to the other industries even they had the similar trend as gradual falling. As a result, domestic remained the lowest amount.
    By contrast, cause as transport and communication grown steadily since 1990 before hitting a highest point at a million tons by the year 2005. In the following period, the emission of acid rain from this dropped sharply until the end of this occasion.

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